Reach One Teach One intends to create a platform to facilitate collaboration for promoting digital learning. We envisioned enabling mentors with digital resources in order to encourage learning in a comfortable environment at convenient times.

Shades of Happiness Foundation provide you an opportunity to reach out and mentor people that has just begin their journey in digital learning under our project NIRMAAN. It’s a project focused on encouraging digital learning in skill development.
We plan to facilitate learning for at least 200 persons every year through this program and involve people from all over the country, with varied backgrounds to gain from it, like people from underserved community who are struggling to meet ends despite being hardworking and eager to learn, Youth from underserved communities enrolled in Skill Development Center and educated, skilled people who want to support someone to acquire knowledge via digital learning.

The impact of the projects are :-
1. Increased digital literacy, influencing country’s progress.
2. Intervention of Digital Learning in skill building will challenge existing system, forcing them to improve.
3. Improved and efficient service quality, due to skill development.
4. Access to new avenues of information, resulting in increased knowledge levels.