Donate and not unnecessarily accumulate says the famous saying!
Application of this line in our lifestyle is of utmost important and at the same time socially beneficial.
We, being at a higher income pedestal than many others get to simplify our lives by constant use of some sort of machines at every place, however, there is still some part of India unknown to existence of all these.

We at Shades Of Happiness Foundation bring forward the eDAAN initiative. Under eDAAN we organize donation drive all year along wherein you can help us by donating your old electronic devices. You can put your outdated machinery to a better use than exchanging it for a nominal amount or just dumping it and contribute to eDAAN.

What may be old to you, can be gold to someone’s life.

Computers, laptops or printers, however obsolete, would be useful and propitious to the establishment of Skill Centres that is the culmination of this initiative's vision.