“Writing isn't just a mere way of expression,
It instead opens up for you a whole new dimension."

While some people wait for change to take place, the others be a part of the change. If you are one of the later ones we have a perfect opportunity for you.

Writing isn't just restricted to words but it brings a whole new world to existence by putting forward your ideologies and viewpoints. We at times have so much to say about people's distress but words go unspoken, think so much but our thoughts go unheard However, writing gives us a chance to put forward whatever we feel about a situation in a way which suits us and also it is the perfect way of letting ourselves out and making our point on a social issue.

Social issues like child abuse, child labour, child marriage, gender inequality and many more make our hearts melt but often we don't find way to express our concern, this is where writing leads your way and helps you let out all that concerns and bothers you. Looking at the biasness and discrimination surely makes us want to a bring a revolution, however let us first take the initial steps towards the revolution by jotting down our ideas and thinking and writing something about it which projects our way of thinking and points out the fault in the presently followed and believed ideologies.

Shades of Happiness Foundation present you with an opportunity to let out all that you feel about topics of social concerns and put forward your contributions by presenting your take on the issues. We bring for you a platform wherein you get the chance to explain your side and views about the ongoing social issues and the ways you think in which such issues can be reduced.

Writing about things leads to not just an end to social argument, It also alongside helps in journey towards self-development and betterment.

So take up this opportunity to express yourself and proffer your perspective, notion and elucidations towards social concerns.

Send your opinion, blog or expression on any social issue to blog@shadesofhappiness and we will let the world know about it.

For any queries, contact:
Mayank Tyagi- 09560556901