Happily, Ever-After is Beyond Fairy Tales

We’ve all had stories that enthralled us while growing up, and no matter how many times we’ve heard our grandparents narrate them, it always feels new every single time. Has it ever struck you that all of us are under the influence of the act of storytelling?

Children are the best storytellers and narrators. They mostly only have the cartoons they watch to talk to us about, which lapses into proactive conversations. They grow up to become individuals who actively voice out their likes and dislikes.

Stories move children, and it gets them feeling creative and

Why Fairytales can Affect your child’s maturity for good:



Ex: Safety measures can be something like Ariel standing up for herself and offering a polite warning to Ursula, or even going to her father and explaining the situation and taking feedback.


It is high time we understand the natural aspect of it and respect them for who they are, and make them feel comfortable over what they wish to be.


Why Fairytales can hinder your child’s maturity:





Dreams and aspirations are present in abundance with children, and guardians or parents should ensure that they are a vehicle towards the goals our children make. It is essential to make realistic goals and identify the key features.
Ex: If your child enjoys dramatics and theatre and wants to learn about it, presenting them with resources is what the idea of ‘be a vehicle’ means. You shall then see the output after the child amalgamates it.